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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Is Google Afraid of Facebook?

Social network Facebook, founded back in 2004, has passed Yahoo! and has occupied #2 spot for most monthly unique visitors in US, according to Monthly traffic data for January was published on 17th of February.
Facebook has attracted almost 134 million unique users in January while Yahoo! had little over 132 million unique visitors.

Aaron Prebluda from Compete also mentions that Google "overtook Yahoo as number one, and never looked back."
The good news for Facebook don't finish here. The article also suggests that 11.6% of all time spent online was spent on Facebook while 4.25% of all time online was spent on Yahoo and 4.1% on Google.
But what all those numbers mean? More people visiting Facebook and spending more time there mean two things. First is well done to the Product Department at Facebook, but also means that potentially more page views are generated, more ads are served and more cash in Mark Zuckerberg's pocket.

Going back to the title of this post - Is Google afraid of Facebook? It is hard to answer such question but in my opinion it should certainly be.

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