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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Need Traffic? Looking For Twitter Followers?

So you have an online business making somehow good money. Or looking to drive more traffic and hopefully convert it to sales. You heard about this social networking fenomena, about Facebook, about Twitter. You heard it all and decided it is time to change.

You set up a brand new Twitter account, carefully selected the logo of your profile making sure people will easily recognize it. And now what?

You did your first tweet but noticed that you have 0 followers. Then how you are going to get all these followers that will hopefully read your tweets, retweet and spread the word?

So I thought I will give it a go and check this for you.

You can certainly "buy" these dreamed twitter followers but it seems the price in UK is slightly higher. While TechCrunch reports that "Some of the Buy-It-Now listings include 5,000 followers for $20" the price I found for 5500+ Guaranteed Targeted Twitter Followers is £64.05. But this is not the main point here. The point is what type of followers are these? Are they real people? Are they bots? Are they going to visit your website? Are they going to retweet your message?

Yes Twitter can surely generate traffic for your website. But you definitely need real followers people that will actually read your tweet, visit your website and retweet your posts. This becomes more and more important as it is considered one of the factors that can actually improve your rankings. If someone is tweeting about something then it is probably worth indexing it higher.

Although Brand Republic reported that Public see little point in becoming fans of brands on Facebook it is definitely a source that shouldn't be missed. It will probably drive you less traffic but it is worth giving a try and who knows it might prove Brand Republic wrong.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Wow, excellent advise indeed. Well done.